Saturday, June 26, 2010

..:My Weightloss Journey Has Begun:..

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Before and After

..:InspiratioOnaL picTuRes:..

HelloO... So I've been thinking to do this weight loss thing - Started on May, 2010 at was on the weekend talking with my boyfriend about be more healthy so we decided to do it like a competition of who loss more weight if he wins he will get something and if i win ill get something :) that is the motivation for me lol so the Due Date is on SEPTEMBER 2010 and my moment of clarity began a few weeks ago when i realized I'm still in the 180's :( so i decided to be more active eat healthy and work out every day... I decided to put Jennifer Hudson pictures cause that is a really inspiration for me on this journey of weigh loss.

Wish me Luck :)

Peace & Love.



  1. yes, inspirational indeed... especially now that we are all thinking about wearing bikinis again soon.

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